Dr. Tess Volner

Dr. Tess Volner is an experienced Doctor of Chiropractic and Natural Medicine, working in the field 10 years. She has certifications as a Chinese Herbalist and Nutrition Counselor. It’s important the doctor to keep up to date with advancements in the fields of chiropractic and natural medicine. “Dr. Tess”, as her clients call her, is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College. She continues her studies in chiropractic care by attending seminars, professional education and peer support. She is considered a leader in her field.

Dr. Tess loves Johnson County and the Kansas City area. She looks for opportunities to get involved on a daily basis. She serves as a volunteer with Olathe Patriot’s Run and SafeHome in Overland Park. She organizes benefits for various organizations in the Kansas City area as the founder of Total Care Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to the support of organizations improving the health and wellness of individuals and families in the Johnson County and Kansas City area. Service is a way of life for Dr. Tess.

Staying involved with people and family is very important. Dr. Tess has three children who enjoyed Olathe schools and have moved on successfully. She can be seen enjoying music all around the area with friends jamming to country swing, blues, classical, opera, and more. Her interests include great food, hiking in nature, remodeling the house, and traveling.

Dr. Tess knows that education is key. With knowledge comes he ability to make informed decisions. “My philosophy is simple, the more you know the better the decisions you will make and I am all for those good decisions.”